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Smile Gallery Chapel Hill Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

Main Gallery Image 1 | Smile Gallery

April received 6 minimal-prep veneers for a beautiful total smile makeover.

Main Gallery Image 2 | Smile Gallery

Matt had full upper arch and partial lower arch reconstruction to give him an awesome new smile!

Main Gallery Image 3 | Smile Gallery

Mary received full mouth rehabilitation and now enjoys a radiant and healthy smile.

Main Gallery Image 4 | Smile Gallery

Maggie had her upper teeth restored with ceramics including 2 implants to give her a beautiful smile.

Main Gallery Image 5 | Smile Gallery

Anne wanted to improve her tooth alignment and proportions of her teeth. After completing Invisalign to correct bite relationship and idealize tooth positions, we were able to finish with four porcelain veneers to create a beautiful smile for her.

Main Gallery Image 6 | Smile Gallery

Julia completed comprehensive orthodontics with Dr. Gavin Heymann. After her orthodontic treatment, Julia received 6 Porcelain Veneers for a total smile makeover.

Main Gallery Image 7 | Smile Gallery

Kevin had a full mouth rehabilitation with ceramics to restore years of severe wear and erosion. We were able to restore teeth to ideal form, function, and give him the smile he wanted.

Main Gallery Image 8 | Smile Gallery

A full mouth rehab helped this patient regain her smile confidence.

Main Gallery Image 9 | Smile Gallery

KOR Whitening--Selectively whitened 2 darker teeth at first and finished with full smile

Main Gallery Image 10 | Smile Gallery

10 veneers helped this patient to transform their beautiful smile.

Main Gallery Image 11 | Smile Gallery

Chuck had 8 minimal preparation ceramic veneers (4 upper, 4 lower) to restore his front teeth to ideal function and esthetics.

Main Gallery Image 12 | Smile Gallery

Sabine had Invisalign to close spacing and improve her beautiful smile

Main Gallery Image 13 | Smile Gallery

Four beautiful ceramic veneers to restore a broken tooth and enhance the smile of a very sweet patient

Main Gallery Image 14 | Smile Gallery

Dina had 4 ceramic veneers to restore lost tooth structure, idealize function, and give her an amazing new smile!

Main Gallery Image 15 | Smile Gallery

Full mouth rehabilitation including ceramic crowns, veneers, and implants

Main Gallery Image 18 | Smile Gallery

Afton had Invisalign to enhance her beautiful smile

Main Gallery Image 19 | Smile Gallery

Larry H. Before and after partial reconstruction to idealize function and give him a beautiful smile

Main Gallery Image 20 | Smile Gallery

Dr. Furgurson used Invisalign to align Lei's teeth and correct her open bite.

Main Gallery Image 21 | Smile Gallery

Grayson had Invisalign to enhance her already beautiful smile

Main Gallery Image 22 | Smile Gallery

Leslie received Invisalign to achieve a straighter smile.

Main Gallery Image 23 | Smile Gallery

Maria had previously received ceramic dental work, which Dr. Furgurson replaced, renewing her smile.