The Components of a Dental Implant

If you want to restore your missing teeth, you’ve likely considered options like dental bridges or dentures. However, traditional restorative options that merely lay on the gums don’t provide sufficient support for the gums or jaw bone left in the mouth. Dental implants can secure restrictions to improve the full function and aesthetics of the smile.

Patient education is an important part of our practice. Understanding what an implant is made of can clarify treatment for patients missing permanent teeth. Here, we will review the parts of a dental implant and what each part does to support the smile. Whether you receive one implant or need a restoration that uses multiple implants to secure false teeth, we’re here to help. We provide treatment with dental implants in Chapel Hill, NC, to restore missing permanent teeth.

The Components of a Dental Implant

Dental Implants in Chapel Hill, NC

Implants are made of durable, high-quality titanium metal and porcelain materials. Dental implants are made of three main components:


The anchor or fixture for a dental implant is a small titanium post that the oral surgeon places in the jaw bone beneath the gums. Implant anchors act like replacement tooth roots and stabilize the restoration. The anchor is not removable, which is why dental implants are considered permanent. During a process called osseointegration, the implant anchor fuses with the jaw bone. After three to six months, the post completely restores the tooth root.

You can receive one or more anchors depending on your specific needs. A single implant anchor can replace a single missing tooth, while four or more implant anchors can secure an upper or lower arch.


We place this small fixture into the anchor. It connects the anchor to the restoration. With an abutment, you don’t have to worry about your restoration slipping out of place. Sometimes, we will place abutments at different angles depending on the restoration. Additionally, the abutment can be placed at the same time as the anchor. 


Dental crowns, bridges, and dentures are common restorations that can replace single missing teeth or all of the teeth in the smile. We will provide patients with temporary restorations or healing caps after placing the implant anchor. Once your implant anchor is completely healed and fused with the jaw bone, we will provide you with your final restoration. The restoration is custom-made to match the shape and shade of natural teeth.

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