Preventive Dentistry Chapel Hill, NC

Chapel Hill Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is a friendly, convenient family dentist office in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Our team is led by Dr. James Furgurson, who provides high-quality preventive dental care for children and adults. Visiting Dr. Furgurson every six months will lower your chance of developing dental issues. Preventive dentistry is essential to dental care in our Chapel Hill, NC, office.

Our preventive dental treatments help prevent common issues like gum disease and tooth decay. Regular dental visits, cleanings, X-rays, and treatments also help maintain dental health. We encourage you to visit us twice a year and schedule a visit if you notice a change in your dental health. Our office will help you find the right treatment.

Preventive Dentistry in Chapel Hill NC

Patient-Focused Dentistry in Chapel Hill

There are plenty of dentists in Chapel Hill, but few spend as much time with each patient as our dentists. Our routine exams are anything but routine. As a patient in our practice, you can expect personalized care and attention from our dentists and staff.

Dr. Furgurson and Dr. Nathan White listen to your concerns and goals and educate you on your options. That way, you can make the best choice for your needs.

A typical preventive care visit may include:

  • Professional dental cleaning
  • Dental X-rays
  • Periodontal (gums) screening
  • Dental caries (cavities) screening
  • Occlusal analysis to examine the position of the bite

Children’s Dentistry

One of the chief dental health concerns for children is tooth decay. Routine visits to our Chapel Hill dentist’s office can help your child maintain healthy teeth and prevent dental cavities.

Dr. Furgurson and his associates offer dental sealants to prevent cavities. Our team will also thoroughly screen for gum disease and tooth decay every visit. At your child’s regular check-up, we will teach you how to keep your child’s teeth healthy in between visits. This will vary at every age as your child grows older. We welcome you to learn more about children’s dentistry on our website.

Preventing Gum Disease in Adults

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), half of Americans aged 30 or older have periodontitis. Periodontitis, or gum disease, is highly damaging to gum tissue. As it progresses, gum disease often leads to irritated, bleeding, and inflamed gum tissue. Left untreated, this chronic condition can lead to tooth loss.

Routine visits to the dentist can help prevent and manage gum disease at any stage. Dr. Furgurson and Dr. White offer comprehensive periodontal care and screen patients for gum disease every visit. Contact our office when you notice your gums bleeding after brushing or flossing. We will provide preventive dentistry treatment in our Chapel Hill, NC office. Deep gum cleanings, regular dental visits, and a good oral hygiene routine can prevent gum disease.

Preventive Dentistry FAQs

Do you have more questions about preventive dental care? Learn more about preventive dentistry in our Chapel Hill, NC office with answers to these common patient questions: 

What are three examples of preventative care for your teeth?

The three most common ways to practice preventative care for teeth are to brush, floss, and schedule regular dental cleanings. These are ways to maintain oral health and prevent future damage to teeth and gums. 

What advantages does preventive dental care provide?

Preventative dental care provides many benefits to patients. It lowers patients’ risk of tooth loss and decay, reduces the risk of gum disease, and prevents tooth stains. In addition to these oral health benefits, preventive care can reduce your risk of complications if you have heart conditions, diabetes, or other health problems.

Why is preventive dentistry essential for children?

Preventive dentistry is crucial for children because it provides them with healthy teeth and gums for the rest of their lives. Starting dental visits at a young age is a great way to keep teeth clean before bacteria build up.

Preventive dental care can stop cavity formation. Dental cavities are a common and highly damaging problem for children. Regular care helps us catch dental problems early before they worsen over time. 

How do I properly care for my teeth in between visits?

Visiting your dentist every six months is only part of an effective preventive dental care routine. Caring for your teeth at home daily is crucial to avoid many dental issues and diseases.

Dr. Furgurson recommends brushing your teeth at least twice daily and flossing at least once daily. Floss before brushing to remove food debris and bacteria from between your teeth. Then, brush with a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste for two minutes.

Limit the amount of sugar you consume and eat a healthy diet overall. In addition to the preventive care we offer, these steps guarantee that your teeth will remain healthy.

I suffer from dental anxiety. How can I protect my teeth?

If you suffer from fear of the dentist or dental anxiety, contact our office. We may recommend sedation if you fear the dentist, pain, loud noises, or other dental-related anxieties. 

Our sedation dentistry services can help you receive the dental care you need. Avoiding the dentist is the worst thing you can do for your oral health. Without professional dental care, you can develop infections. As plaque develops into tartar, it will build up along your teeth and gums, leading to many dental issues.

Using sedation, we can provide you with the preventive dental care you need for your oral health. Sedation ensures that you do not feel any pain during dental treatment. 

Why do I need dental X-rays every year?

We will take several types of X-rays yearly to monitor your teeth and mouth. Many issues can develop beyond the teeth and gums. Our dentist uses dental X-rays to detect decay, bone loss, infection, problems with teeth roots, or dead nerves. We can also use them to detect for other issues like cysts or cancer.

X-rays help us see what we cannot see in a quick visual exam. We use X-rays for accurate diagnosis and precise treatment planning.

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