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Benefits of Dental Implants Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Furgurson and Dr. White offer full service dental implants to patients at their Chapel Hill, NC dentist office. The benefits of teeth implants compared to other replacement options are remarkable. While they are more costly and require a longer treatment period, they are the next best thing to natural teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants Chapel Hill, NC

Benefits of Dental Implants

Promotes Jawbone Growth

Dental implants have many oral health benefits including increasing the jawbone strength after tooth loss. When lose a tooth, the roots are no longer there to prevent bone deterioration. Eventually the bone will begin to reabsorb and shrink. Dental implants provide enough stimulation to the jaw bone to prevent this shrinkage.

Maintain Facial Features

If the jaw bone is left to deteriorate, this will cause your lips to sink into your face, deep wrinkles will form around your lips, and your chin will appear to stick out further than normal. These changes can age a person by many years. Dental implants are the only solution available to prevent bone loss in the jaw and maintain your normal facial features.

Will Not Harm Remaining Teeth

When you replace your teeth with a dental implant supported restoration, it does not require damaging any of your healthy remaining teeth. These types of restorations also do not rely on the remaining teeth for support. If you decide to have a dental bridge placed, this process requires reducing the two teeth on either side of the gap that was created by the missing teeth to support the fixture. Partial dentures will also rely on the remaining teeth to provide support.

Improve Chewing Capabilities

Other teeth replacement solutions make chewing certain foods a challenge, especially dentures. Dentures stay in place by way of suction, adhesive and support from the remaining teeth. This means that you must avoid many hard to chew foods. However, a restoration that is supported by dental implants allows you to use a greater chewing force since the implants are firmly implanted in the jaw bone. This means you can eat a greater variety of foods including many healthy foods.

No More Embarrassing Situations

Dentures are known to cause many embarrassing situations. They often slip or move around in the mouth leading to slurred speech. This also makes them susceptible to falling out while eating or speaking. Denture implants will not shift or fall out. This eliminates any chance of an embarrassing situation.

Only Permanent Solution

Dental implants will last a lifetime with proper care. If you maintain proper oral health and remain in good overall health, there is no reason for your implants to ever fail. Proper oral health involves visiting our dentist office in Chapel Hill, NC every six months for a regular checkup and following all at-home care instructions.

All these benefits are proof that dental implants are the best available solution for your health, oral health, and over all well-being. They will look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. You can eliminate many of stresses that come with missing teeth by choosing dental implants. If you would like to learn more about how teeth implants are more superior to other teeth replacement solutions, schedule a consultation today with Dr. Furguron or Dr. White in Chapel Hill, NC today!