Invisalign For Teens

Invisalign clear aligners are often the top choice for adults looking to get a straighter smile. They’re more subtle and offer more flexibility than traditional metal braces. But are they the best choice for teens, too? Invisalign for teens is slightly different from Invisalign for adults. Learn more about its effectiveness.

Invisalign aligners for teens in Chapel Hill

Benefits of Invisalign

There are many benefits to choosing Invisalign for your teen. They’re clear and subtle, boosting self-confidence and ensuring your teen doesn’t want to hide their smile. One of the teens’ biggest issues with regular braces is that they don’t want people to see them. Invisalign eliminates this.

With Invisalign, they can keep their diets the same, too. They don’t have to eliminate any foods because the aligners get taken out for meals. They’re taken out for oral healthcare as well. Braces can be hard to clean, leaving white spots where the brackets were when they were taken off. Invisalign aligners just get taken out.

Typically, treatment with Invisalign is shorter than it is with traditional braces. On average, braces take six months to a year compared to 18 months to two years. It typically costs less, too. Because of the way Invisalign works, fewer checkups are needed. An orthodontist isn’t needed to tighten wires, the teeth shift as the aligners are changed for new ones.

Invisalign for Teens

One of the biggest fears parents have concerning Invisalign for teens is that their child will lose their aligners or not wear them enough. For teens, Invisalign offers aligners with blue consistency dots on them. They’re small indicator dots that reveal if your teen has been wearing the aligners as much as they should be.

Invisalign is also better for teens that play sports. Braces increase the risk of getting a mouth injury or facing a dental emergency when you’re playing sports. You also have a higher risk of breaking a bracket or wire. Invisalign is smooth plastic that fits extremely snugly on the teeth. It won’t harm the mouth if trauma occurs and isn’t at risk of breaking.

A teen does have to be responsible enough to have Invisalign. It’s easy to take out your aligners and put them in a napkin while you eat, possibly throwing them away later by accident. It’s also important that they take good care of them. You can’t eat anything or drink anything besides water when your aligners are in.

Is Invisalign the Right Choice for My Teen?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best option. First, Invisalign can only treat mild to moderate orthodontic concerns. Braces and other oral appliances are the best solutions for more severe problems. If your child is prone to losing things and being forgetful, you might want to consider something else. You don’t want to spend money on treatment to have the aligners thrown in the trash or treatment not work.

Talk to your teen about their preferences for straightening their teeth. Some may want a subtle option and are worried about being teased if they have braces. But other teens may want the experience of choosing their colored bands and having their braces be a form of self-expression.

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