Dental Implants vs Dentures Chapel Hill, NC

When faced with tooth loss, it can seem complicated to choose the right solution. You must consider your health, the cost, the process, functionality, and aesthetics. Removable dentures have been the go-to solution for many years. Dental implants are now the number one dentist-recommended way to replace missing teeth. Dr. Jim Furgurson and Dr. Nathan White are here to help you compare dental implants vs dentures in Chapel Hill, NC.

Dental implants are a more advanced type of restoration. Implants are gaining popularity because of their advantages over basic dentures. But are implants worth it when compared to dentures? Here, we will review aspects of each restoration to help you learn more about each option.

Dental Implants vs Dentures in Chapel Hill NC

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are tooth replacements that consist of a metal post, abutment, and restoration. A single dental implant can replace one missing tooth. Multiple implants can secure a bridge or denture. 

Dental implants use high-quality, biocompatible materials to replace missing teeth at the root. Implant treatment can prevent missing teeth problems like facial sagging and bone loss.

While implants may require more time and seem costly, they ensure restorations last for years. Unlike traditional dentures, implants will not require frequent rebasing or replacement for many years; implant posts are permanent. Dental implants can be a long-term investment for your oral health. 

What are Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetics that replace rows or arches of missing teeth. A denture may be complete or partial. Partial dentures restore multiple teeth in different areas of the smile. Complete dentures restore the upper and lower teeth.

Complete dentures traditionally use adhesive to stay in place, while partials use clips or attachments. Dentures can slip around the mouth and do not support the health of the teeth and gums. However, dentures are often less costly than implants. 

Dental Implants vs Dentures in Chapel Hill, NC: How to Choose

Should I get implants or stick with traditional dentures? It can be difficult to know which restoration you should get. There are many factors to consider when you compare implants and traditional dentures:

The Denture and Implant Procedures

Making removable dentures will take several weeks and requires several visits to our Chapel Hill dentist’s office. We will take several impressions and measurements of your mouth. Then, we will send them to a dental lab where they will create new teeth. When ready, they will ship them back to us. You may need several “try-on” sessions before they fit correctly.

The dental implant process, on the other hand, will take many months to complete fully. Dental implants require surgery and several months to heal. During this time, the posts will integrate with the surrounding bone, making them very stable. You must wear a temporary set of dentures until the implants are ready to load. Next, we’ll attach the abutments and secure a custom-made denture.

The Cost of Restorative Treatment

The price of a complete set of removable dentures is significantly less than an implant-supported denture. One set of dentures costs comparable to replacing a single tooth with a dental implant.

However, when discussing cost, you must be fully aware of the type of lifestyle you will live with each option. Denture implants are the next best thing to natural teeth. You can eat all kinds of foods with little restrictions, and less embarrassment is involved. Removable dentures often shift in the mouth, causing slurred speech and difficulty eating certain foods.

It is also worth discussing how dentures will not last forever. They will need to be adjusted, rebased, and eventually replaced. There is also the added cost of keeping them clean. These costs add up over time and may even eventually exceed the price of dental implants. Our Chapel Hill dentists will recommend investing in implants because the quality of life is better. 

Your Oral Health

Many people may not realize that tooth loss will lead to bone loss in the jaw. Teeth roots not only keep a tooth alive, but they also help the bone regenerate. Once one goes missing, the bone will slowly begin to deteriorate. With removable dentures, bone loss is inevitable. Dentures lay on the gums and do not support the underlying bone and gum tissue.

Your facial structure will change as you lose more natural jaw bone. Sometimes, jaw bone loss can make you look older than you are. Our dentist will insert the dental implants into the bone during implant treatment. The titanium post will provide enough stimulation for the bone to regenerate. This is the only solution that prevents bone loss.

You may have difficulty chewing certain foods with removable dentures, including many healthy foods. This will affect your ability to eat a nutritious, well-balanced diet. Implant dentures have fewer eating restrictions, allowing you to eat healthier.

The Comfort of Your New Restoration

Most dentists will warn you that it will take weeks and maybe even months to get accustomed to wearing dentures. Dentures can be bulky in your mouth, and you may have issues talking, smiling, eating, and laughing. Removable dentures also have a bad reputation for slipping around in your mouth. Dentures may also fall out when speaking or eating.

Denture implants are more secure in your mouth. Worrying about them slipping around, falling out, or causing embarrassing situations is unnecessary. Dental implants are the next best thing to a natural row of teeth. They will secure dentures like natural tooth roots.

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