How Botox Helps Your Oral Health

Jaw pain is a common symptom that many patients with TMJ face. A stiff jaw doesn’t just hurt; it can also lead to worsening oral health and dental concerns. There are many treatments available to help treat symptoms of TMJ, and Botox in Chapel Hill, NC, could work for you. Although commonly thought of only as a cosmetic fix, Botox injections can help patients experience relief from jaw pain. Your dentist will examine your bite and jaw muscles to help determine if Botox is right for you.

BOTOX in Chapel Hill, NC can help treat TMJ and improve your oral health

Botox, TMJ, and Your Oral Health

TMJ is an often painful disorder that can cause jaw locking, headaches, and loss of tooth enamel. When your jaw joints seize up or contract too much, it can be challenging to talk, chew, sleep, and even brush your teeth without trouble. TMJ disorder doesn’t just cause pain; it also affects your overall oral health. 

How TMJ Affects Oral Health

A locking or painful jaw can make caring for your teeth and gums more difficult. You may not be able to open your mouth wide enough to floss correctly or keep it open long enough to brush as long as you need to. And the longer you go without practicing good at-home oral hygiene, the more likely your teeth are to develop decay and other dental concerns. 

TMJ also commonly manifests in teeth grinding, particularly at night when you have less control over your muscles. Teeth grinding can wear away the enamel on your teeth, causing an increased risk of developing dental decay and tooth sensitivity. Treating TMJ and finding ways to protect your teeth can help you maintain good oral health.

How Botox in Chapel Hill, NC, Helps Treat TMJ

Botox is an FDA-approved neurotoxin that helps relax your muscles and prevent excessive contractions. When placed strategically by a trained dentist, Botox injections could help reduce the symptoms of TMJ. By helping your jaw find easier flexibility and movement, Botox may help reduce the risk of teeth grinding and improve your oral hygiene routine.

Other TMJ Treatments

Botox alone may not be enough to reduce TMJ symptoms or help improve your oral health. Other treatment options for TMJ include wearing a nightguard to prevent teeth grinding or undergoing orthodontic treatment to help better align your bite. Your dentist can help you find the proper treatment for your jaw.

Are You a Candidate for Botox Treatment?

Our jaw joints are a crucial part of our oral health. When they’re constricted or inflamed, it can be difficult to perform everyday activities. At Chapel Hill Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we are here to help treat TMJ symptoms and improve your oral health. Dr. Furgurson is fully licensed and trained to provide Botox injections right from the comfort of our office. If your jaw locks up or causes you pain, give us a call at 919.736.6175 to schedule a consultation and learn if Botox could be right for you.