Snacks To Avoid During Quarantine

Foods To Avoid During QuarantineDuring the COVID-19 crisis, many of our patients have had to postpone their dental hygiene appointments. As your trusted dentist in Chapel Hill, NC, we wanted to provide some helpful tips for you to continue to care for your smile while under quarantine. Here are 3 snacks that you should avoid because they are tough on your teeth.


Snacking on a bowl of candy might seem harmless, but it actually can lead to many dental concerns down the road. Gummy candies coat their sugary contents in a sticky residue which is difficult to remove from your teeth surfaces. If this residue remains on your teeth, it can easily harden into plaque and tartar or cause gum disease development.

Additionally, sour candies contain acids that wear down your tooth enamel and can cause tooth sensitivity over time. If you have a sweet tooth, try opting for a more smile-friendly snack like apple slices. Apple slices have natural sweeteners while also providing you with the vitamins and minerals that your teeth need to remain strong. They are also known for leaving you with fresher breath!

Potato Chips

Potato chips can be just as harmful as a bowl of candy. This is because they are excessively starchy. Starch breaks down into sugar as it is digested and can cause a similar buildup on your smile. Additionally, potato chips are very crunchy which adds strain to your mouth muscles and jawbone. For our patients with jaw pain or a TMJ disorder, it is best to opt for softer snacks.

Instead of potato chips, we suggest reaching for cubed or string cheese. Cheese is a great snack for your smile not only because it is soft but also because it is full of calcium, which keeps your teeth and jawbone strong.


Even though this is technically a beverage, sodas contain enough sugars to qualify as a snack. Even if you choose a sugar-free soda, the carbonated acid still does damage to your tooth enamel. Sodas also contain high amounts of artificial coloring which can dull or discolor your teeth over time. It’s best to choose water over soda any day, but if you are in the mood for something different, you could always make yourself a fruit smoothies.

Fruit smoothies are fun to make and delicious to drink, plus they contain the necessary vitamins and minerals that your dental health needs to thrive. (Add in a little yogurt to your smoothie to enhance the amount of calcium while also adding a creamy texture.)

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