Sports Mouthguard FAQs

Do you play contact sports like soccer, hockey, basketball, or football? You probably need a sports mouthguard. Dr. Jim Furgurson provides customized sports mouthguards in Chapel Hill, NC. He can replace old mouthguards and create new, custom-fit sports mouthguards that fit precisely and comfortably. Wearing a professional, custom-made sports mouthguard during contact sports can prevent dental injuries and even tooth loss.

Sports Mouthguards in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Sports Mouthguard Q&A

Our patients often have common questions about mouthguard treatment and care, including:

How do I care for my sports mouthguard?

Patients should clean their mouthguards before and after use. Lukewarm water and soap are common options for sports mouthguards. A denture or nightguard cleaner is also useful for cleaning mouthguards. When using this type of cleaning solution, a capful of cleaning powder is placed in a lukewarm cup of water. The mouthguard may be soaked in this solution for an hour. Patients should also keep their sports mouthguard in its case when it is not in use.

When should I replace my sports mouthguard?

We recommend that patients replace their mouthguard when it begins to lose its shape. Especially if patients clench their teeth, their mouthguard can become misshapen over time. Younger patients may also want a new sports mouthguard as their permanent teeth come in. This ensures a more precise fit.

Can sports mouthguards treat teeth grinding?

No, sports mouthguards can not be used to treat bruxism, or teeth clenching and grinding. Nightguards are a more effective solution than sports mouthguards in protecting the teeth against bruxism. Sports mouthguards and nightguards are also made of different materials. Nightguards fit closer to the teeth and have thicker material at their base, while sports mouthguards create a protective barrier at the front of the teeth.

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