What Can Laser Dentistry Treat?

As advances in dental technology continue to grow, safer, more effective treatment options become available. Laser dentistry in Chapel Hill, NC, has quickly become a popular treatment for many soft-tissue dental concerns. Although the name may sound intense, laser dentistry is actually one of the more gentle and safe procedures dentists use. It’s even approved for use in children and the elderly. With laser treatment, many patients can find a more comfortable way to get the dental care they need.

Laser Dentistry in Chapel Hill NC could help treat gum disease

How Laser Dentistry in Chapel Hill, NC, Could Help You

Laser technology has become a staple of many different industries, and it’s rising to meet the demands of many dental needs. Soft-tissue lasers can effectively treat many dental conditions with minimal health risks. The precision offered by a laser means a lower chance of damaging healthy tissue. And the laser itself is designed to promote natural healing, leaving less bleeding and pain during and after treatment. 

Gum Disease

Laser dentistry is most recommended to help treat cases of gum disease. When your gums become infected, they can create complications for the rest of your oral health. Quick treatment is often key to avoiding the need for more treatment. Laser technology can help remove diseased gum tissue and help promote healthy gum growth. You may still need additional treatment, such as periodontal maintenance appointments, to help keep gum disease from returning.

Lip or Tongue Ties

Sometimes, the muscles and tissue of our mouths can form with restrictions that affect our movement. Most common in children, lip and tongue ties can make it difficult to talk, chew, or maintain proper oral health. Laser technology can safely sever the ties, granting improved mouth mobility. It has been approved by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry for use on infants and children.

Gum Contouring

Everyone’s mouth is different, and some patients have greater gum length than others. While there’s few health risks associated, many patients express concerns with the look of their smile. Laser dentistry could help by removing part of your gum line to help lengthen your teeth. 

Ulcers and Abscess

Laser dentistry could also be effective for treating dental concerns such as ulcers and abscesses. It may be safer than traditional surgical procedures. However, laser dentistry may not be available for every case. Your dentist will thoroughly examine the affected area to determine if laser treatment is possible.

If you have gum disease or other soft tissue complications, laser dentistry may be able to help. At Chapel Hill Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer safe and effective laser treatment for a variety of dental concerns. Call us today at 919.736.6175 to schedule a consultation and see if laser treatment is right for you.