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Dental Crown Durham, NC

If you need a new dental crown or an old one replaced, Chapel Hill Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can provide you with a stable, natural looking restoration. Crowns are a common dental treatment and extremely essential to helping maintain the integrity of a damaged or weak tooth. A tooth crown is often referred to as a cap because it covers the entire tooth offering protection and stability. Dr. James Furgurson and Dr. Nathan White offer crowns made from several different types of materials. The process to have a cap placed requires several visits to our Durham area dentist office.

dental crown durham nc

Dental Crowns Offer Protection For Your Tooth

Dr. Furgurson and Dr. White will recommend a dental crown for many restorative dentistry purposes. The following dental concerns are the most commons reasons:

Cosmetic Purposes for Dental Crowns

Not only will Dr. Furgurson and Dr. White use crowns for restorative purposes, they can also be used for cosmetic reasons. Thanks to advances in dental technology, tooth crowns can be fabricated to look just like natural teeth. Since they cover the entire tooth, a cap can hide many tooth imperfections. The cosmetic reasons we may recommend a dental crown include:

  • Cover yellow or severely stained teeth, instantly whitening them
  • Disguise misshaped or crooked tooth
  • Hide gaps in between teeth
  • Lengthen teeth that are too short

Using crowns as a cosmetic dentistry treatment is a cost effective solution to improve the appearance of your smile. Other treatments such as porcelain veneers are much more expensive.

Dental Crown Process

The dental crown process will require several trips to our Durham area dentist office. Your dentist will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine if a tooth crown is right for you.

To begin the crown process, your dentist will first need to prepare your tooth. The old crown or filling will need to be removed if they are present. The decay or damaged portion will then be removed as well and enough of the tooth structure to accommodate the tooth cap. We will take dental impression of your teeth which will be used to fabricate your new restoration at a dental laboratory. A temporary crown will be placed on the tooth to protect it and allow the tooth to function normally while you wait for you next appointment.

About two to three weeks later, your crown will be sent to us. Your dentist will remove the temporary dental crown then attach the new, customized crown. Necessary adjustments will be made to assure a comfortable fit before the crown is permanently bonded to the tooth. As experienced dentists, Dr. Furgurson or Dr. White guarantee your tooth crown is both aesthetically pleasing and supports your long term dental health with a comfortable fit. Your new crown will only require the same care as your other teeth.