Answering Questions About General Dentistry

General dental care is an important part of routine, preventative dentistry. With preventative dentistry, we can stop future oral health problems and maintain the function of the smile. Just some of the oral health problems we can treat with general dental care include tooth and gum infections, dental injuries, and dental anxiety. If you are looking for a general dentist in Chapel Hill, NC, we can help you get the right care for your dental issues.

General Dentistry in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

FAQs: General Dentistry Services in Chapel Hill, NC

Do you have questions about dental care? Read the following answers to these common general dental questions.

When should I bring my child to their first dental appointment?

We recommend that parents bring their children for their first dental visit after they get their first baby tooth. Parents can typically bring their children to the dentist before they are six months old. Professional pediatric dental care can prevent problems like cavities, which are common dental problems for younger patients. We provide cleanings and sealants to preserve the tooth structure and protect the back molars which are prone to cavities and decay. Children can also develop dental fear and anxiety at a young age if they are not used to dental visits. Our friendly dentists work with patients regardless of age to improve their smiles and ensure their comfort in our office.

Are dental lasers safe?

Yes, dental lasers are safe to use for dental treatments. We provide patients with protective eyewear to protect their eyes from the laser’s light. The laser procedure precisely targets gum tissue without the need for sutures. Oftentimes, patients will not require sedation during laser procedures because the laser offers comfortable care. Dental lasers also minimize bleeding and infections because of their design.

How do I treat dental anxiety?

If the thought of visiting the dentist fills you with fear, we can help. Our friendly dentists are passionate about helping patients get the care they need without pain or discomfort. We offer dental sedation to help patients receive care, from lengthy procedures to routine dental cleanings. Sedation is a safe treatment method that calms and relaxes patients for their procedures. Under dental sedation, patients will not feel any pain and will not remember their dental procedure. Sedation is also safe; our dentists monitor patients under sedation and provide them with the right amount of medication for their age and body type.

Can sports mouthguards treat teeth grinding?

Sports mouthguards and nightguards are different. Custom sports mouthguards are made of a rubber-like plastic that covers the front of teeth. Nightguards are hard acrylic that covers the top or bottom tooth arches. Sports mouthguards and nightguards are not interchangeable because they address different problems. While sports mouthguards protect teeth against sports injuries, nightguards alleviate pressure on the jaw joints and prevent wear caused by tooth grinding.

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